Personal Data

The Company will collect, process and use your personal data (including data obtained during recruitment and in the course of your employment), and may disclose such personal data to its service providers, consultants, professional advisors and financial institutions for processing, all for the purposes of:


(a) managing the company’s human resources, including payroll processing and talent development and management; and

(b) managing or terminating the company’s employment relationship with you, including administering training, staff benefit schemes, leave, medical, attendance and other records, conducting performance appraisals, audits, monitoring usage of company equipment and computer network resources and sending communications to you, and handling incidents, complaints and investigations.


On occasion, the Company may also be required to collect, use and disclose your personal data for carrying out legitimate business processes and activities, such as setting-up and managing computer and network systems access, building access and door access control systems, publication of your data on our Company website, publication of contact directories, enrolling in and renewing corporate medical and dental service providers, internal communications for purposes of identification and contact, safety and security purposes, arranging business or company trips, and/or for fulfilling the Company’s legal or regulatory obligations.


If you wish to:

·access your personal data which is held by the Company; or

·enquire about the ways in which your personal data may have been used or disclosed by the Company within a year of the date of your request; or

·withdraw your consent to the use or disclosure of your personal data by the Company,

We adhere to the provisions of the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act.  We respect your privacy and value the personal information that you share with us and the personal information that we collect about you. We strive to secure that personal information and ensure that the personal information is used and disclosed for proper purposes, including enhancing your use and enjoyment of our services and property.  In this regard, please contact the Data Protection Officer at should you have a valid concern to raise with us.